our planet needs healing.
it needs energy from pure souls.
it needs to be filled with love & light.
be that love & light.
help our earth.
figure out a way to do your bit.
your energy is required.

4 thoughts on “please…

  1. Mother Earth will heal when we heal ourselves and cleanse our hearts. When we are clear and open only then can our light shine and help to heal the world. Get sweeping in those dark corners of your soul and dump out the baggage you have collected. Open the windows of your heart and let the breeze blow through…Earth needs us as Anil so beautifully stated…VK

  2. By healing ourselves, we in turn heal the Earth. Free Will allows our light to shine in the darkest of corners, and not be harmed by the evil that lurks there.
    Thank you for sharing your light and love. It strengths me, and gives me the motivation to walk with honor into those dark places.

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