love binds us…

love binds us.
it’s our greatest blessing.
it’s our guiding light.
spread the warmth that you feel within.
be a beacon.
a shining example to those wilting under the burden of their illusions.
lift the veil that stops you.
let the light enter.
the light that dissipates your illusion.
see the universe within your heart.
see God within your heart.
& spread the love.
that binds us all.

3 thoughts on “love binds us…

  1. Yes, with my open mind.
    Yes, with my opne heart.
    Yes, with my eyes wide open.
    Yes, with my arms out reached.
    Yes, in my strong step.
    And yes, from the quiet expression of my soul.

    Thank you for bringing out the best in me.

    • we haven’t done anything chris. the best is within you – everything is within you. you are allowing it to surface. that’s all. wish we could all do that. God bless & love always…

  2. Hi Anil…Love is the glue, the cement, life blood of eternity. It glows a brilliant white for the purpose of showing us our way out of the darkness. Your words ring true as always friend…VK 🙂

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