the tunnel…

life is a tunnel.
with consciousness at the end.
try building that consciousness while living.
break away the bricks of the tunnel.
let the light in during the lifetime.
once all the bricks are gone your lifetime will be eternal consciousness.
eternal light.
merge the gap between your lifetime & consciousness or awareness.
that’s being realized.
knowing that living this life is an extension of your eternal state of consciousness.
just a phase.
you have the potential to achieve this.
it’s happening.
the bricks are vanishing.
the light is seeping through.
flooding the inside with love, warmth & energy.
absorb this light.
it’s you.
the true you.
the true me.
the true ONE.
all else is false.
chip away at the tunnel.
let the light in…


1 thought on “the tunnel…

  1. Good way of putting it Anil…I think we need our sunglasses for the last bit of this journey. The light at the end of the tunnel is blazing white with consciousness swirling about it. Can’t wait! 🙂 vK

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