be open…

recognize your soul as your self.
it’s not that hard.
be open.
to all around you.
every breeze that blows carries a message.
every thing you see shows you a sign.
it’s all built in.
be open.
the more open you are, the more prominent the signs & messages.
you are the soul.
with no religion.
you are the soul.
with no country.
you are the soul with just a consciousness.
& a moral duty to spread warmth & love.
where it’s most required.
hear the voice of your heart.
the voice of your own consciousness.
imploring you to act.
be the love you want to receive.
be the laughter you wish to hear.
be the peace you wish to feel.
it’s all within.
be open.
to your inner voice.
to your heartbeat.
to your self.
be open…

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