this love…

be within.
feel the wonder.
see the treasure.
it’s all love.
only love.
no need for anything else.
it’s the only thing that matters.
love, love & only love.
all the power you possess.
comes form this love.
all the goodness you radiate.
is a product of this love.
develop this until you are this love itself.
& everyone identifies you with this love.
& everyone turns to you for this love.
& everyone wants to be around you for this love.
this love.
it’s the greatest treasure.
people spend lifetimes trying to attain it.
they seek it.
they look for it.
but they don’t realize that it’s already within them.
this love.
awaken it.
let it rise.
let it drown every waking moment of your life.
become this love.
it’s the most beautiful feeling.
it’s indescribable.
you have to experience it.
only then will you know what I’m saying.
trust me.
become this love.
& you’ll be one with God.
God is within you.
this love is within you.
feel it.
you are bursting with this love.
give it an outlet.
to wash over all humanity.
so there comes a time when nothing exists but this love.
it’s what God envisions for you.
it’s what He blesses you with.
this love.
that you carry with you at all times.
this love.
that is your driving force.
this love.
that is your guide to God.
deep within you.
where your unending reservoir of love is growing.
let it out.
let it free.
let it find its own way.
to reach all.
& it will.
if you want it to.
this is your message to the world.
this is God’s message to you.
He loves you.
believe in your love.
believe that all are capable of it.
believe that you are this love.
you are.
this love…

6 thoughts on “this love…

    • thank you maryanne – we are humbled. what we write is what comes straight from the heart, so we can’t really take any credit for it. thank you for your kind words…God bless & love always.

    • thank you. we are truly humbled by the love we receive from our ‘blogger family’. what you read comes straight from the heart & we can’t really take any personal credit for it. God bless & love always…

  1. Good Morning Anil….You are certainly bursting with love!!! It jumps out of your words. Thank you for the uplift to start the day. I hope you are all well. Blessings to you and thanks ๐Ÿ™‚ VK

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