the fog is lifting…

the fog is lifting.
let it.
the veil is parting.
let it.
shine through.
for the world.
for your self.
recognize the diamond that you are.
that all of us are.
in our natural state.
as pure as can be.
everything is merged.
nothing exists as separate.
let this fog lift.
make it go away.
so all can see.
the true you & me.
the true us.
the true oneness that exists.
this is it.
it’s all drawing to an end.
a crescendo building.
taking you higher & higher.
still higher.
& then in a flash it’s done.
all done.
is just one.
wake into that consciousness.
harness that energy.
that unites us all.
recognize it.
it’s within each one of us.
we call it God.
but it’s really you.
the self.
recognize it.
realize it.
the fog is lifting…

4 thoughts on “the fog is lifting…

  1. Time to turn on the fog lights and drive on through. Nothing to fear for you will be able to see brightly now where to go.Have courage. Good Morning Anil….Very good message. VK 🙂

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