love, love & more love…

there’s an unending reservoir of love.
in each one of us.
the trick is to make all aware of it.
to make all aware of the potential.
the internal dam of love.
let it burst.
let the force of the water, the love, wash away, engulf everything & everyone in its path.
my love.
your love.
our love.
all love.
& nothing else.
it’s the way to God.
it’s the way to all.
it’s the way to one.
love, love & more love…

6 thoughts on “love, love & more love…

  1. Greetings Anil….I truly think this is what 2012 will always be remembered for, if in fact remembering is part of the new world…The rush of love that is engulfing the planet. It is really quite amazing to witness. Have a good day bursting….VK

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