love binds us…

love binds us.
it’s our greatest blessing.
it’s our guiding light.
spread the warmth that you feel within.
be a beacon.
a shining example to those wilting under the burden of their illusions.
lift the veil that stops you.
let the light enter.
the light that dissipates your illusion.
see the universe within your heart.
see God within your heart.
& spread the love.
that binds us all.


here we go.
onward. forward.
always on the move.
stop thinking of the physical realm.
that realm should be a thing of the past.
your role is being determined in the realm of love, laughter & light.
forget that you are human.
know that you are divine.
forget that you are a body.
know that you are a soul.
capable of the most astounding feats that can change the earth.
know that you possess the power to change.
to transform the planet as it exists.
you can & you will bring about positive transformation.
more love will be infused.
more positivity will abound.
you are the change.
go out & fulfill your destiny.
this is the role God sees for you.
this is the role you have chosen in your infinite wisdom.
go beyond boundaries.
beyond the limits of your physical mind.
and be this glorious change.
touch lives.
like they’ve never been touched.
spread love.
like it’s never been spread.
be compassionate.
be giving.
be all you ever dreamed of being.
your only limitation is the extent of your belief.
if you believe that you can, then God tells you that you can.
you will.
you have to.
it is written & it shall be done.
be this change that we all desire.
God is smiling down on you.
we are all one.
& our combined energy is being directed towards you.
filling you with inexhaustible love & energy.
so you can go forth & spread it.
in a way that transforms this planet.

ocean of love…

peace be unto you & all of mankind.
peace be the rule, not the exception.
let go all things.
the past.
the future.
all of it.
it doesn’t exist.
why worry about it?
why dwell on it?
after every moment, erase it from your memory.
only retain the learning.
that’s why you had the experience.
for the learning.
see it for what it is.
it’s great to see how you’re living your life now.
it’s close to complete surrender.
it shows your trust in God.
it shows your trust in your within.
you are beginning to trust your within more & more.
leaving things to the divinity that is your within.
that’s where all are one.
that’s where you create from.
it’s God’s voice.
it’s your own voice.
that’s guiding you.
you don’t need anything else.
that you are loved.
held in high esteem.
be truly glad to see the leaps you are making.
blossoming into your true self.
keep this awareness alive.
at all times.
do not get lulled into complacency.
God is always a thought away.
keep seeing the big picture.
God’s love flows for you like the river.
it’s guiding you to the ocean of love.
the ocean of love.
that is your true consciousness.
the vastness.
the serenity.
the immense power of this ocean.
is the power you already possess within.
recognize the distance you have already covered.
& see the journey ahead.
the path is clear.
to be the ocean of love.
to be God.
to be your SELF…

the tunnel…

life is a tunnel.
with consciousness at the end.
try building that consciousness while living.
break away the bricks of the tunnel.
let the light in during the lifetime.
once all the bricks are gone your lifetime will be eternal consciousness.
eternal light.
merge the gap between your lifetime & consciousness or awareness.
that’s being realized.
knowing that living this life is an extension of your eternal state of consciousness.
just a phase.
you have the potential to achieve this.
it’s happening.
the bricks are vanishing.
the light is seeping through.
flooding the inside with love, warmth & energy.
absorb this light.
it’s you.
the true you.
the true me.
the true ONE.
all else is false.
chip away at the tunnel.
let the light in…


be open…

recognize your soul as your self.
it’s not that hard.
be open.
to all around you.
every breeze that blows carries a message.
every thing you see shows you a sign.
it’s all built in.
be open.
the more open you are, the more prominent the signs & messages.
you are the soul.
with no religion.
you are the soul.
with no country.
you are the soul with just a consciousness.
& a moral duty to spread warmth & love.
where it’s most required.
hear the voice of your heart.
the voice of your own consciousness.
imploring you to act.
be the love you want to receive.
be the laughter you wish to hear.
be the peace you wish to feel.
it’s all within.
be open.
to your inner voice.
to your heartbeat.
to your self.
be open…


language leads to duality.
thoughts lead to duality.
emotions lead to duality.
only being is oneness.
just be.
let the duality exist in the illusion.
but let being exist in your awareness.
that’s what you need to do.
everything is the same when you just allow yourself to be.
aware of every breath.
aware of every nuance.
aware that you are & that’s all.
no other thought permeates your mind.
nothing causes a flutter in your heart.
just be.
in the knowledge that you are.
what a state!
you are a step away.
but this is the most difficult step.
the greatest leap.
are you ready to forget everything you hold true?
to forget everything around you?
there is nothing.
all is within.
your being.
just be.
your existence.
God’s existence.
is one within.
when you let yourself be, you are also letting God be.
be one with you.

a step away…

a step away.
that’s what you are.
just one step.
from eternal bliss.
from the oneness that is us.
from everything beautiful & peaceful.
just a step away.
take the leap of faith.
cross the boundary that still holds you back.
see the illusion for what it is.
all you need to do.
just recognize it.
let it be.
let it exist as it does.
remember, you’ve created it.
but now you need to transcend it.
“live” in the illusion, but live outside it too.
makes sense?
it does.
it just means live your life in the illusion you’ve created.
but be aware that it’s the illusion.
reality exists in your heart.
where God exists.
where we exist as one.
that no one can change.
that’s the truth.
everything winds down here.
everything comes into being here.
the beginning & the end lie here.
in your heart.
with God.
open your heart to the miracle that you are.
open your heart to the miracle everyone is.
open your heart to the oneness.
open your heart to the joy of being.
let go.
everything is ok.
everything is winding down just as it should.
you’re just a step away.
just a step away…

this love…

be within.
feel the wonder.
see the treasure.
it’s all love.
only love.
no need for anything else.
it’s the only thing that matters.
love, love & only love.
all the power you possess.
comes form this love.
all the goodness you radiate.
is a product of this love.
develop this until you are this love itself.
& everyone identifies you with this love.
& everyone turns to you for this love.
& everyone wants to be around you for this love.
this love.
it’s the greatest treasure.
people spend lifetimes trying to attain it.
they seek it.
they look for it.
but they don’t realize that it’s already within them.
this love.
awaken it.
let it rise.
let it drown every waking moment of your life.
become this love.
it’s the most beautiful feeling.
it’s indescribable.
you have to experience it.
only then will you know what I’m saying.
trust me.
become this love.
& you’ll be one with God.
God is within you.
this love is within you.
feel it.
you are bursting with this love.
give it an outlet.
to wash over all humanity.
so there comes a time when nothing exists but this love.
it’s what God envisions for you.
it’s what He blesses you with.
this love.
that you carry with you at all times.
this love.
that is your driving force.
this love.
that is your guide to God.
deep within you.
where your unending reservoir of love is growing.
let it out.
let it free.
let it find its own way.
to reach all.
& it will.
if you want it to.
this is your message to the world.
this is God’s message to you.
He loves you.
believe in your love.
believe that all are capable of it.
believe that you are this love.
you are.
this love…

your heartbeat…

listen to your heartbeat.
it takes God’s name.
it takes your name.
it reveals all truths.
it’s God’s voice within.
listen to your heartbeat.
pay heed to the lessons it teaches.
pay heed to things it says.
it’s an instruction manual on how to live your life.
listen to your heartbeat.
it speaks the language of love.
it will never give you false hope.
just belief that all is good.
listen to your heartbeat.
it will chart the course of your life.
listen to your heartbeat.
it speaks with no bias.
have faith that your heartbeat can never be wrong.
‘coz it whispers God’s name.
& it whispers your name.
& it tells you that we all are one.
listen to your heartbeat.
it will never lie.
listen to your heartbeat.
it’s you & I.
always pay close attention to what it says.
your heartbeat is God.
listen to it.
it will tell you so…