the voice of your SELF…

always listen to your heart.
that’s it.
the voice of your SELF.
nothing is higher.
nothing is greater.
than your SELF speaking to you.
let it direct you.
let it guide you to God.
always stay in your heart.
with Him.
life is as simple as that.
if you want it to be.
together always.

4 thoughts on “the voice of your SELF…

    • to be honest, i don’t think there’s a clear cut answer to this. each of us has to figure out for themselves how to start listening. the voice is there – loud & clear. it’s our ability to drown it that’s the problem. life will offer opportunities in some way or another to start listening. can we recognize these? like i said, it’s for each one of us to figure out for ourselves. there is no blanket solution for all. we’re all so wonderfully unique, but it comes at a price – we all have to figure ourselves out. if you have some thoughts on this, we’d love to hear them. God bless & love always…

  1. It is amazing how long we have looked outside ourselves and gotten nowhere in our searching. Just thank God we have seen the error of our ways and have reconnected within! May the light flood in upon all people. Thanks! Another good one 🙂 VK

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