melt away…

melt away.
all boundaries.
melt away.
all doubt.
melt away.
all ill feeling.
melt away.
all the hate.
melt away.
all negativity.
melt away.
all the deceit.
melt away.
every obstacle that holds you back.
be resplendent.
a new person.
living life like it’s meant to be lived.
with love.
and a smile.
realize the endless pool of power.
that each of us possesses.
use it.
for the greater good.
so we all can be.
like we are.
in the world that exists within…

5 thoughts on “melt away…

  1. Sounds like One World rising up to me 🙂 Time is very close now Anil as you’ve seen me write about. CNN is showing UFO shots taken, so if they are doing that, it means Government disclosure is close at hand. Once the world knows for certain that other life exists, life will change forever. Great post as always….Have a loving day….VK

    • Hi VK. it’s amazing how we can be arrogant enough to think we’re the only life form!!! of course there’s others out there…God bless & love always…can’t wait for the change 🙂

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