more lessons on life by an 11 year old….Rough Roads Make Better Drivers

This is an essay Armaan wrote in his class. The conviction he shows in believing that ahaan is still with us is amazing. He learnt at the age of 9 that it’s just the physical body that goes. The spirit stays with us forever. And, that if we cry for the one that’s ‘gone’, we’re being pretty selfish, ‘coz we cry for ourselves…

Rough Roads Make Better Drivers – by Armaan Raheja

One day I saw a boy who was very sad that his grandfather had passed away. He was really sad and I checked on him every day. I checked on his progress and he had started feeling much better. I wondered how?

I asked him how did he manage to do so. He said that God came to him in his dreams and told him that his grandfather was better off in heaven and is really happy. But when he sees the boy feeling sad, his grandfather feels sad looking at his grandson feeling sad. Those words touched his heart and from then on he was really happy for his grandfather.

I really admired that boy’s love for his grandfather and his faith in God. I really wished I had his courage in such hard times and respected him a lot. I learned one thing from him, “whatever happens, happens for the best.”

When my family fell under hard times, I always remembered the lesson and this faith brought us back to normal and we were happy. That boy was my idol for the rest of my life and I wanted to be like him.

Armaan, I want to be like you. You are showing the world that there is no reason for the grief that engulfs millions. You are my idol, like your brother is too. Two boys, two idols. We are blessed…

2 thoughts on “more lessons on life by an 11 year old….Rough Roads Make Better Drivers

  1. Oh my Goodness….I need to bring kleenex with me when I come to read! What an amazing piece Armaan wrote. You and your family have learned your lessons well my friend. I am so thankful you all had each other to see you through such hard times. It is truly amazing what love can do…..Blessings….VK

    • thank you VK. as usual, you are too kind with your words. and we’ve seen first hand the power of love – it transcends everything. unlimited & omnipotent…we have been blessed with the most wonderful children & truly special friends (you included). God has been kind. very kind. God bless & love always…

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