move higher…

there’s so much love in you.
harness that energy.
to move higher.
like you are doing already.
help others rise too.
unless you do that, it won’t be worth it.
would be a lost opportunity.
you’ll gain.
but not as much as you could have.
you are capable of anything.
spread your net far & wide.
spread that endearing smile.
spread that never-ending love.
all will appreciate.
bless you for it.
all you ever wanted is unfolding before you.
let it.
preparing you for the magical ride.
to God’s kingdom.
to infinity.
to eternity.
the ascent has begun.
have a great journey.

3 thoughts on “move higher…

  1. The magical journey is made even more magical with people like you and Aahan sharing your light!! Thank you again….Blessings…VK

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