this is something i’d written when my mom suddenly passed away almost 8 years ago. just taught me the biggest lesson of my life – if you want to tell someone you love them, please don’t wait.
i waited & regretted it for a long time after my mom. but i learnt my lesson & told ahaan ‘i love you’ every single day of his life. thank God that i did, or rather, still do…

For Mom…

If I had just one more day with you,
I’d lay my head in your lap & sleep the sleep of a child one last time,
Bask in the unconditional love you anointed me with.
And find peace in your comforting embrace.

If I had one more day with you,
I’d search for a way to thank you for all you did for me,
Say sorry for all those nasty words I fired off in moments of heat.
And bring back that kind smile to your face that I wished for you always.

If I had one more day with you,
I wouldn’t have to search through the unkind sands of infinite time,
To see those gentle brown eyes I so adored,
Or feel that aura of kindness that easily wrapped itself around you.

But most of all, if I had one more day with you,
I’d tell you repeatedly just how much I always loved you,
I miss you, mom…

4 thoughts on “mom…

  1. This is so beautiful – and so true, we must show love while we still can! What a loving tribute. Now I need to call my mom….

  2. I think regret is one of the deepest reaching emotions we have to endure. Each lesson we have to learn is on its own level of severity. Regret reaps great and long lasting pain, therefore it only seems natural to realize that loving is our biggest and most important lesson to learn. Well said Anil…Thanks for sharing…..VK

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