He is with you…

God speaks to you.
in your quietest moments.
when you may be unaware.
but He’s there.
all His love surrounds you.
each moment of the day.
beautiful love.
draped around you.
feel it.
it’s always there.
close your eyes.
picture Him hugging you.
‘coz He is.
the warmth that you feel is Him.
His presence.
in such beautiful ways.
you are looked after.
as is everyone.
if they could only believe it.
have the faith that nothing can go wrong.
if something does, it’s just your perception of wrong.
everything is happening as it should.
to your benefit.
believe it.
with all His love showered on you.
you become what you’re destined to be.
all the tough choices you made.
were necessary.
to arrive at this point.
in this moment.
this is it.
close your eyes.
count your blessings.
He is with you.

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