each day…

each day.
you’re closer.
to where you need to be.
what more can you ask for?
unshackle your mind.
unburden your heart.
paradise beckons.
the heavens open their doors.
look in.
step in.
to where all is God.
all is you.
all is me.
all is one.

5 thoughts on “each day…

  1. I so hope you are right…My little burn out yesterday was a long time coming. If you are very active in trying to right the wrongs of the world, these times are exceptionally trying because of everything they are doing on their way out the door. It can be discouraging but I never give up. I just get tired some days. If Aahan says we are closer than we think then it is worth it, every painful step. Thanks for the uplift! Have a wonderful weekend. I send you love and light….VK

    • i’m sure things are happening the way they’re meant to. each day, each moment we are closer to divinity. away from this cacophony of illusion, going inwards to the true peace, true love that we all deserve. hang in there VK, the world is not worth it – live. love. laugh. God bless & lots of love…

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