an 11 year old explains life… Happiness, by Armaan

this is another older post. the reason we’ve put it up again is the fact that we continue learning so much from an 11 year old. the way he looks at life is inspiring. he’s the one who’s kept us standing & has given us the belief that all is well.

he was the one who told us not to grieve for ahaan because all that had happened was the dropping of a physical body. he told us the soul lived on & that’s what we should look at – ahaan is free. he told us that if we truly loved ahaan , we should be happy that he’s at peace. no illness, no pain. just free. he told us that ahaan is with God & that’s the most beautiful place to be – so all our grieving was actually for ourselves, not for ahaan.

another incident that stands out was when ahaan was in the hospital & aarti & i were praying like crazy, we called armaan to pray for ahaan too. a few weeks after ahaan passed on, armaan told us that he had something to confess that might make us angry. we asked him what it was & he told us that when we asked him to pray for ahaan – he just asked God to do what was best for ahaan – he didn’t pray for ahaan to get better like we did. and it hit us – isn’t that what we should always pray for? God knows what’s best for each of us.

we are truly blessed to have ahaan & armaan as our children. here’s something armaan wrote – and we know he genuinely thinks like this. here goes:

happiness – by armaan raheja

true happiness is not being spoilt or having whatever you want.
true happiness comes from a pure heart.
happiness is a feeling got from helping or sharing with others & seeing their joy & being thankful for whatever you have.
if you can do that, you’re simply a good soul.
Remember, the best things in life are not really things at all.
they are feelings of love and gratefulness and happiness.

God bless us all & love always… remember the best things in life are not really things at all

6 thoughts on “an 11 year old explains life… Happiness, by Armaan

  1. Anil….All I can say is wow! You and your wife did everything right in raising your children for look at how aware they are. Sounds like you have raised crystal children. If you don’t about them look it up online. I was fortunate to have been gifted with an indigo child( He’s now 31). The next generation of gifted and awake children were the crystal children. Read up on them. They are all amazing and I think will be who helps save our world with their insight….You are blessed….Blessings…VK

  2. VK – thank you. a lot of people had told us that Ahaan was an indigo child – we’d read up on it & the qualities were almost identical. as far as aarti & i go, i really just think we’ve been blessed. nothing more. must’ve done something good to have these 2 boys. i will read up on the crystal children. thank you.

    VK, you’ve been a tremendous energy that’s come into our lives. thank you for that & God bless. love always…

  3. just went through the link you sent. felt I was reading almost all of ahaan’s qualities. as well as quite a lot of armaan’s. if you put them together – it covers each & every one of the qualities mentioned. God bless them… thank you!!

  4. Brother..this is fantastic,a formula,a key to live life,let there be peace and understanding.I can just say , knowledge has to culminate and give way to surrender to the Divine Will.
    Love you

  5. Anil, I have been away and unable to read/comment much, but this is simply beautiful. Aarman’s insights and writing at the age of 11 are amazing, and they reflect that he knows much about ‘beautiful souls’ — because he has been raised by them. Blessings of love and peace to you all, now and always. And thank Aarman for me, for his writing and being the beautiful inspirational soul that he is.

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