all is well…

on the many lessons learnt.
& the many taught.
that God is always with you.
in ways you can’t imagine.
& closer than you can fathom.
is in your heart.
in the one place that’s truly yours.
all of us.
as one family.
as one.
& it’s for keeps.
no going back.
your life.
is special in so many ways.
live it.
with love.
with tenderness.
with compassion.
all His blessings.
all His love.
are with you.
trust in that.
all is well…

the genie…

the secrets of life are being revealed.
the power we all wield inherently, is becoming apparent.
use it wisely.
for the greater good.
that’s being evolved.
that’s being God.
that’s what it’s all about.
keep in touch with your SELF.
to keep in touch with God.
He’s always just a thought away.
think of Him as the genie within the lamp of your life.
at least until you realize.
that You are both the genie & the lamp.
making your own wishes come true…

wish you all a safe 2012, filled with love.

the lake…

your journey begins on the outside.
but ends within.
the within.
where all is peaceful.
ask the questions.
to be shown the way to the calmness within.
the lake.
with no ripples.
absolutely still.
it’s within each of us.
this lake.
it’s your consciousness.
by whatever is happening in the external.
this is where we need to be.
it’s an amazing journey.
swim in it.
dive to its depths.
to feel peace.
like you’ve never felt before.
where all merges into the still waters.
of your consciousness.
where the water becomes you.
you become the water.
that’s becoming one with your consciousness.
the end of duality.
the consciousness that binds us all.
the oneness.
truly blessed are you.
find your lake.
find God.
safely ensconced within you.
be secure in the knowledge.
that no harm can come to you.
because you are He.
and He is you.
one consciousness.
just one.
look deep within your lake.
privileged are you to recognize this.
beyond your wildest imagination are you loved.
dive in.
meter by meter.
close in.
to the bottom of the lake.
to the serenity.
the stillness.
the treasure.
let it unfold.
you don’t need to hold your breath.
the water is the air.
one & the same.
that’s the oneness.
not just of our souls.
but of all elements.
waiting for you.
at the bottom.
of your lake…

the voice of your SELF…

always listen to your heart.
that’s it.
the voice of your SELF.
nothing is higher.
nothing is greater.
than your SELF speaking to you.
let it direct you.
let it guide you to God.
always stay in your heart.
with Him.
life is as simple as that.
if you want it to be.
together always.

your road…

your road to God is through you.
understand that.
you have to be you before you can be God.
live your life.
then you become God.
in union.
for all time to come.
but, do all this in the knowledge that you & God exist as one.
never apart.
always in each others’ hearts.

light & love…

there is nothing but light & love.
all pervading.
let it into your heart.
let it into your being.
light & love.
will serve you in your darkest hour.
will serve others in your brightest hour.
the idea is to serve.
it’s up to you to make all your hours bright.
so you can spread the light & love that shines fiercely within you.
you have to ignite this in all.
‘coz all have the same light & love within.
go forth.
& touch people in ways that ignites this light & love.
brings it to the surface.
so all of creation twinkles, sparkles with the same light.
the same intensity of joy.
all as one.
what a beautiful world.
this is the creation all dream of.
but not enough will it.
you can will it, you know.
of course you can.
collectively as one.
anything is possible.
believe strongly.
& it shall be done.
you have God’s blessings for all time to come.
you are among His special ones.
full of light.
full of love.
His light & love.
that can never be extinguished.
that will shine no matter what.
you have this gift from Him.
use it.
be Him.
So He can be you.
forget everything that has happened.
only know that the road ahead is illuminated.
by the light & love that shines within you.
you can never be lost.
never be without love.
because you are the light.
you are the love.
shine on.
shine forth.
your light & love…


let it prevail.
for all time to come.
be a part of it.
only if everyone contributes to it, will it manifest itself completely.
start by making your own life peaceful.
in every way.
eliminate the strife within.
be at peace with yourself first.
then with your loved ones.
achieve this & half the battle is won.
more than half.
all your actions will then stem from the peace you feel within.
you will radiate peace & love.
all around you will feel it.
be attracted to it.
they will look for their own peace.
& that’s how it will happen.
God recognizes the deep peace within you.
so deep that it warms His heart.
spread that peace.
He just wants that.
the message of peace & love to be instilled in one & all.
that’s it.
once that is done, so is everything.
peace. love. always.
Merry Christmas…

you are God (part 5)…

all that is happening.
let it.
all that is changing.
let it.
let your life flow.
like the meandering river.
carrying water to all.
giving off itself without expectation.
only being replenished by the rain from the skies.
that’s all that keeps it flowing.
similarly for you – all you need to keep flowing is God’s grace.
trust you will receive it.
trust it will be sent when required.
trust you can will it at any moment.
trust you can create it.
trust you are God.
the provider.
the doer.
the all.
you are God.
always have been.
always will be.
there are no hurdles.
except the ones you create.
from the ignorance that you are limited.
by the mind & body.
nothing is further from the truth.
open yourself to the truth.
open yourself to your own divinity.
& that to the divinity of all.
see it.
feel it.
it’s all around.
in all creation.
you are God.
can’t you see it after all this time?
everything you’ve really, truly, selflessly desired has manifested itself.
it has to.
you have created it.
& you are God.
live it.
realize it.
we are one.
worry not about anything.
believe that we are in complete divine union.
no distance, no form, no power can separate us.
‘coz we are one.
spread the message of love.
the message of peace & hope.
to all that will listen.
& they will spread it ahead.
till the entire earth resonates with these thoughts.
& all is cleansed.
& all is love.
dream of such a world.
create it.
do it.
‘coz you can.
‘coz you are God!!
be humbled by the power you possess.

the journey…

what a journey.
you are provided with all you need.
to complete this beautiful journey.
stop at some moments & enjoy the ride.
savour these moments.
that are many on this ride.
all is winding down nicely.
the realization that all are one is becoming stronger.
the old is dying.
embrace the love that’s flowing.
finding its way to you.
allow it.
enjoy it.
& send it on its way to another after becoming part of it.
the most unexpected souls will come into your lives.
give them love.
this is the highest form of love.
all is well.
all is perfect.
close your eyes.
& reflect on your blessings.
reflect on all that’s good.
you are beginning to see the mysterious & wonderful ways of God.
feel the forgiveness within.
the ability to let go.
it’s beautiful.
you are on this beautiful journey ‘coz you’re meant to be on it.
let this journey engulf you.
immerse yourself in it.
till you become the journey.
one with it.
that’s being God.
when you are one with everything.

you are God (part 4)…

give your best.
your effort is what counts.
not the result.
live like this.
& never shall you be disappointed.
never shall you expect anything to turn out a certain way.
your job is to do.
& do selflessly.
with your heart & soul.
that’s all you have to be concerned with.
leave the rest to the universe.
remember everything is interconnected.
your thoughts, your energy.
all combine at some point.
in a way to make you see the power you truly possess.
the power to do anything.
the power to will anything.
to overcome anything.
this is something every one of us has.
this power needs to be channeled for the greater good of creation.
your creation.
all are together in this existence.
there are no differences.
each of us has the source within.
each of us is the source.
different levels of recognition.
that’s the only reason we seem different.
at the end of the day we are but ONE.
just one.
the same.
see that.
every waking moment.
learn to keep that in mind.
at all times.
slowly at first.
till it becomes ingrained in you.
then you’ll see black & white as the same color.
day & night as the same time.
love & hate as the same emotion.
laughter & tears as the same reaction.
stone & water as the same object.
everything around you is the creation of your own being.
nothing is as it appears.
change your perception and the same thing appears as something totally different.
try it.
it works.
the glass is half full & half empty at the same time.
how do you see it?
trust me.
we are here to learn this.
we are here to see that we are in an illusion.
& once you do, it’s like a bubble that snaps.
never to be seen again.
learn this.
believe this.
live this.
nothing exists but you.
you have to.
because you are God.
I am God.
we are all God.
and that my dears is the simple honest to GOD truth.
the secret of life.
the only thing you ever need to know.
exist as one.
just one.
You are me.
You are him.
You are her.
You are anyone you want to be.
because You are God…