stay calm…

stay calm.
amid the fiercest storm.
it will pass.
and all will be the same again.
including you.
be still.
in all circumstances.
even if everything around you appears changed.
or in turmoil.
that’s inner strength.
that’s faith.
that’s belief.
in your SELF.
that a place far more beautiful than your most vivid imagination exists.
that place beckons you.
that place awaits you.
and there you shall be.
be still.
and you’ll be there.
stay calm.
all is well…


be the best you can be…

life turns around on a dime.
so live it well.
be the best you can be.
to your full potential.
leave nothing for tomorrow.
if something is important – do it.
don’t procrastinate.
that way you’ll have no regrets.
as you never should.
life is a gift.
enjoy it.
do your bit.
learn your lessons.
spread joy.
spread love.
return to your true home.
to God.
it really is so simple.
don’t get involved in things.
they’re illusory.
only your SELF is permanent.
concentrate on that.
improve that.
be the best you can be.
and give thanks.
to God.


perceptions 1

you are me.
as i am you.
all the same.
are there any differences?
except the ones we perceive because of our limited understanding?

start accepting that the differences don’t exist.
except in the mind.
remember all is good.
nothing bad can happen.
because nothing bad exists.
again – it’s only perceptions.
lift the veil of perceptions and everything is limitless.
the way it’s meant to be.
for each ONE of us.

perceptions 2

our differences lie in perceptions.
you perceive something or some situation a certain way.
I perceive it another way.
but the thing or situation is the same.
that’s how the truth is the same.
for all.
our perceptions make it appear different.
how can there be more than one truth?
the same creator.
the same source.
the same world.
the same environment.
the same everything.
where’s the room for differences?
it’s only in our perception.

perceptions 3

think about it.
how can God’s world be anything less than perfect?
start perceiving this perfection.
and you’ll realize the perfection of your SELF.
‘coz only perfection can perceive perfection.



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tear away the illusion…

see all around.
it’s an illusion.
created by the inner most recesses of your mind.
your illusion.
put your hand right through it.
tear it away.
you can, if you believe.
do it.
reveal yourself.
reveal me.
as we really are.
with each other.
with God.
tear away the illusion.
within your mind.
and then from your senses.
see everything as it really is.


so much unnecessary hatred in people.
so much unnecessary harm being done.
when we’re really harming ourselves.
and our own collective consciousness.
not realizing.
that we’re one.
just close your eyes.
listen to your heart.
you speak.
i speak.
the same language.
the same words.
the truth.
that’s within us all.
the same truth.
and you will know.
that we are the same.

let the light in…

your superconsciousness.
is the same as all superconsciousness.
that’s the wonder of creation.
all interconnected.
all interlinked.
one cannot be separate from another.
all joint.
all from one source.
all from God.
easy to see differences.
hard to see yourself in others.
but that’s the truth.
all are one.
see yourself in your greatest enemy.
that’s what SELF love is.
realizing the oneness that exists.
the only truth.
the only truth.
understanding, realizing that everything is one.
such a beautiful existence.
knowing it.
living it.
strive for this.
be within, even when you’re out.
be grounded in the truth that everything around is an illusion.
then you’ll begin to see cracks that let the light in.
the light of love.
the light of truth.
the light of wisdom.
the light of oneness.
the light of God.
let the light in…