ahaan – our love…

don’t know why I have this incredible urge to post this one again. have been looking at his picture & reading this over & over the past couple of days. these words are ringing in my ears. i remember when he wrote this for his Value Education class. wish i could live by these words this every single day for the rest of my life…

the beautiful me – by ahaan raheja

i am so unique
i believe in myself and everyone else
i am kind and loving to others
and help all my friends like my brothers
truthfulness is my strength
faith in God is my foundation

3 thoughts on “ahaan – our love…

  1. Oh my Goodness….What insight such a young child has. I say has because he is always here for we never really depart fully, just our bodies. You can tell by his words he was many lifetimes ahead of most and for this reason his work was over and his time came early. What an amazing boy to be proud of. I wish I could take away the awful hole in your hearts, for it must be crushing, but I know Ahaan will help you all find your way out of the pain. He’s already doing that here. Hang in there Friend..Blessings….VK

    • VK – thank you. he’s helping us each day. it’s him & his brother that have kept us standing – in fact leading a happy life. wouldn’t have thought it possible when ahaan passed on. in his “going” he’s brought the most amazing people into our lives & through this blog he’s making his connections. we feel so close to you guys. there’s a definite bond here. beyond this life. and it’s such a beautiful thing. everything is suddenly about the bigger picture. this lifetime is a mere speck in our journeys. hopefully, we go out enriching everyone we’ve come in contact with and learn our own lessons from each of them. ahaan lived his life for the moment – there was never an “i’ll leave it till tomorrow” [except his school work :)], he packed in so much in 12 years, it’s hard to imagine now that we lived through so much hectic, frenetic activity & exhausting energy. now, we have another great soul in our midst – armaan. who’s suddenly grown up overnight. he’s developed a lot of ahaan’s mannerisms – it’s the little things that sometimes startle us – the way he sits at times, his handwriting, what he speaks. it’s so powerful & we’re grateful to God & ahaan for this. we know there’s a bigger plan at work. we’d just like to spread love & ease people’s pain, because there’s just so much hurt & lack of love in this world. sad state of affairs, but if we can even bring a smile on a single face – a genuine, from the heart smile, we’d feel worthwhile. VK, thank you for all the love we’ve felt through your words. all your blessings & good wishes that have found their way into our hearts. we wish you all the very best in life – full of love, kindness and smiles. God bless…

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