we’re all in it together…

we’re all in it together.
it’s not a race.
all will cross the finish line.
there’s no option.
that’s the deal.
the plan.
each of us finds our own way.
with all the twists & turns thrown in.
we all have to reach the finish line.
that’s the goal of existence.
there will come a time.
when all will see.
all will recognize.
so just be humble.
be kind.
to all.
and be very generous.
with your love.
with your heart.
do what you feel is truly right.
everyone doesn’t have to feel the same.
they’re all on their individual journeys.
be not the judge.
be not anything.
just love.
and you will smile forever.
we’re all in it together…

6 thoughts on “we’re all in it together…

  1. So true….When I want to be full of rage at somebody like the Congress or Bush or even Obama at times, I have to remember that I was once on the same frequency they now reside in. We all were. Some of us just were able to get ahead to the next level before them, but we were also starting out there once as beginners in the journey to higher consciousness….Good one….VK

    • was the same way. the best thing I did was stop reading the damn newspaper!! i vaguely know what’s happening around the world – but it doesn’t bother me. the real journey is inward & what you can contribute to the outside. the outside as it stands is designed to not let you go inwards. make any sense? your perspective that we’ve all been at several stages of consciousness is bang on. prevents us from judging. we’ve all ‘been there. done that.” the only important thing is moving ahead, looking forward, looking inward…God bless, my friend!!

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