all the love in the world…

all the love in the world.
resides in our precious hearts.
all creation.
stems from us.
God has made us.
a mirror image.
of himself.
find that perfection.
find that peace.
find that love.
that resides in us all.
one with our consciousness.
one with our SELF.
then you’ll see the wonder.
of your being.
of everyone’s being.
of oneness.
to this reality.
that we are all one.
that we are all God’s reflection.
that’s what is meant by “God is ONE”

9 thoughts on “all the love in the world…

  1. Another early riser…My favorite time of day. What you write is so true but I am beginning to think many sit there and say “How do I do that?” It’s a tough one to answer people. Ultimately we will all get there in our own time, until then I just keep saying you have to go within and get quiet to find who you really are, which involves separating ourselves from all the ‘things’ that have kept us from ourselves in the first place. Too many want to get there and still keep doing what they’re doing. It doesn’t work that way, does it?

    • what you say is bang on!! i guess all of us will get there when we’re meant to – that’s the plan. all on different levels of evolution, still all the same. it’s going to have to be a collective rise in consciousness. guys who get there sooner will have to be the guides, the “helpers”, so to speak. to be honest, I have no answers – it’s just that since Ahaan passed on, we’ve been seriously questioning why we’re here, who we are, what we’re supposed to be doing, etc. and, like you said, the answers are all within. it’s when we sit and meditate we begin the process of sifting through all the “things” that come in the way of our selves. it’s when we are open. totally receptive to the universe. that’s when these wonderful thoughts come – straight form the heart & at a time when there’s no external distractions. a time when you’re alone actually connecting with your self. it’s so beautiful. it’s a time when you feel free of every “thing” that exists – but your soul.

      i guess, everyone at some time or other will go through this. this is what probably opens up God’s beautiful universe to us all. when everyone & everything appear as one. totally & completely. a time with no judgement, ‘coz there’s nothing to judge. just pure bliss & guess what? you’re the one creating it for yourself 🙂

      thank you for all the comments you’ve been making. and thank you for being in our lives in some way – i guess, we’re meant to have this exchange of thoughts. God bless & love always…

      • Yes we are meant to have this exchange! And all you say is spot on as well… Ahaan is why you are here. You were here to be parents to him and now you write his words as he places them in your head to keep him alive and contributing to the world to make it a better place. You are doing just what you are meant to be doing. Write on ! Blessings…VK

    • Won’t get freaked. Want to go through this at leisure :). I’m sure it’s going to be a pretty interesting read. Will comment once I go through it…

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