all is well.
trust and it is.
everything is smooth.
well-oiled machinery.
unfolding to a plan.
maybe not apparent to us.
but, ironically, chosen by us.
our SELF.
for the choices we’ve made.
however hard.
our lives are a result of these choices.
we’ve chosen well.
with a purpose.
remember that.
have faith in that.
and everything falls into place.
we’ll see things in the right perspective.
that’s what surrender is.
we surrender to our SELF.
to our choices.
made in full & true consciousness.
have faith.
all is well…

9 thoughts on “surrender…

  1. I read over and over again… I love these words, especially ‘our lives are a result of these choices.’ Certainly true. Life is determined by the choices we make. Very powerful… Thank you for sharing 🙂

    • thank you. don’t know what to say. what we write comes straight form the heart. we are humbled that it’s reaching out to all it’s supposed to. our lives are all about love & all about oneness – really liked what’s on your blog. guess our paths were meant to cross…

    • thank you…thank you…thank you!!!! it’s all just coming through – the words, the emotions, the inspiration. thanks to all you guys for being so supportive & thanks to God & my boy for guiding us through it all…
      love always & God bless!!

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