it’s all about love…

it’s all about love.
our earth is going through turmoil.
because of a lack of love.
why can’t we love more?
it’s sad.
so many can’t even love themselves.
really sad.
breaks my heart.
really try.
to spread more love.
tell people.
you love them.
it’s a sad journey without love.
every moment.
no matter what.
love is pure.
love is selfless.
love is not demanding.
love is giving.
wish we could lay a blanket of love upon everyone.
what a beautiful world it would be.
broad smiles.
open arms.
ready to feel love.
ready to give love.
to love.
love is permanent.
love is unconditional.
it’s all about love…

2 thoughts on “it’s all about love…

  1. That time is coming my friend, very soon. First the present paradigm must crumble and fall and out of the devastation the phoenix of a loving world will rise. This is our earthly mission at this time, to assist the earth mother in shifting humanity’s consciousness. We must not only give of our love but BE love in everything we experience. The meme of being a loving person is rapidly overtaking the earth right now. Occupy Wall St planted the seeds and now the meme has grown and flowered and the pollen is blowing about in the wind pollintaing us all. Be patient, it is on it’s way…. VK

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