First – thank you all who have nominated this blog. We are truly humbled.

We in turn have nominated the following fellow bloggers – each one has been a delight to follow. The words, truly inspiring, the emotions simply soul stirring. It’s been a privilege to be part of this community.

Our Nominations:

Lots of love always… Keep writing. Keep inspiring. Keep making a difference. God bless.

Aarti & Anil Raheja

6 thoughts on “Nominated

  1. I am without words…That’s a first. Thank you so much for your words of praise. I am not aware of the award you are speaking of. Please let me know so I can nominate you as well, for your gift to the world is great even while dealing with your massive loss. As I said before, you deeply inspire me. Thank you….Blessings for your holidays.

  2. This is so very lovely, thank you! I can’t wait to dive in and become acquainted with your selection of blogs! Thank you ever so much for the award and for the new introductions….. Blessings always, Angela

    • i really look forward to reading your blogs. it’s been a blessing that our paths have crossed. we feel all the richer for it. thank you for all the love & blessings. we wish you all the very best always. lots of love…

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