let the light in…

your superconsciousness.
is the same as all superconsciousness.
that’s the wonder of creation.
all interconnected.
all interlinked.
one cannot be separate from another.
all joint.
all from one source.
all from God.
easy to see differences.
hard to see yourself in others.
but that’s the truth.
all are one.
see yourself in your greatest enemy.
that’s what SELF love is.
realizing the oneness that exists.
the only truth.
the only truth.
understanding, realizing that everything is one.
such a beautiful existence.
knowing it.
living it.
strive for this.
be within, even when you’re out.
be grounded in the truth that everything around is an illusion.
then you’ll begin to see cracks that let the light in.
the light of love.
the light of truth.
the light of wisdom.
the light of oneness.
the light of God.
let the light in…

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