enjoy the oneness…

enjoy the oneness.
of being the cascading waterfall that leaps off a mountain’s edge with no fear.
of being the soaring eagle that never ceases to ask how high it can fly.
of being the rise & ebb of every wave through every calm day and every stormy night.
of being the rustle of the wind that blows equally for every tree in the forest.
of being the love that flows unconditionally within us all.
of being the unbridled laughter of an unburdened mind.
of being the choking sadness of an unfortunate heart.
of being the interminable tick of the clock.
of being the innocence of a child, free of worry and doubt.
of being the pent up anger of a volcano about to erupt.
of being the gentle trickle of a brook that makes its way along the giving earth.
of being the blooming flower that will take your breath away.
of being the falling leaf that signals the shortening of days.
enjoy the oneness.
with all creation.
at all times.
just enjoy the oneness of being…

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