ahaan – our love…

don’t know why I have this incredible urge to post this one again. have been looking at his picture & reading this over & over the past couple of days. these words are ringing in my ears. i remember when he wrote this for his Value Education class. wish i could live by these words this every single day for the rest of my life…

the beautiful me – by ahaan raheja

i am so unique
i believe in myself and everyone else
i am kind and loving to others
and help all my friends like my brothers
truthfulness is my strength
faith in God is my foundation

let go…

let go.
all that’s negative.
however small.
release it.
into the infinite universe.
you’re not setting it free.
you’re setting yourself free from it.
everything that binds you.
everything that brings you down.
release it.
try harder.
you’ll see that you’re free.
that you’ve cut off the power supply to it.
isn’t it.
it’s the hardest thing to do.
because we enjoy the bondage.
of being in our comfort zone.

we’re all in it together…

we’re all in it together.
it’s not a race.
all will cross the finish line.
there’s no option.
that’s the deal.
the plan.
each of us finds our own way.
with all the twists & turns thrown in.
we all have to reach the finish line.
that’s the goal of existence.
there will come a time.
when all will see.
all will recognize.
so just be humble.
be kind.
to all.
and be very generous.
with your love.
with your heart.
do what you feel is truly right.
everyone doesn’t have to feel the same.
they’re all on their individual journeys.
be not the judge.
be not anything.
just love.
and you will smile forever.
we’re all in it together…

in your silence…

listen to the silence.
listen to the peace.
that resides within.
it speaks.
it speaks.
God’s language.
it will guide.
it will heal.
it will lead.
it will help others.
listen to the silence inside.
it is pure.
it is your SELF.
waiting to be heard.
flowering words.
spoken to all.
spoken through you.
it waits.
to be set free.
to cover all the earth.
your silence.
speaks louder than you think.
let it out.
let it run free.
it will find a way.
to reach whom it’s supposed to.
your silence.
is God’s word.
hear it carefully.
it is for you & me.
together as one.
unspoken words.
but powerful thoughts.
planted by a loving gardener.
for you to reap.
for you to spread.
for you to lovingly tend.
let God’s words merge with your silence.
all powerful.
all knowing.
all ONE.
as we truly are.
listen to the silence.
let it grow.
let it bloom.
it’s yours.
these words are your silence.
escaping from your heart.
our words.
our thoughts.
that we’ve created together.
planted together.
over lifetimes.
the time to release is NOW.
like this.
let the world hear.
your silence.
let your silence spawn God’s words.
may these words reach out.
to show all.
that we are one.
all together.
all silent.
listening to the same heart.
listening to the ONE.
your inner voice.
my inner voice.
not spoken.
not said.
shine on.
your time has come to rise.
listen to your heart.
listen carefully.
in between the thoughts that flow.
resides the message.
seek it.
find it.
live it.
God is with you always.
in your silence…

all the love in the world…

all the love in the world.
resides in our precious hearts.
all creation.
stems from us.
God has made us.
a mirror image.
of himself.
find that perfection.
find that peace.
find that love.
that resides in us all.
one with our consciousness.
one with our SELF.
then you’ll see the wonder.
of your being.
of everyone’s being.
of oneness.
to this reality.
that we are all one.
that we are all God’s reflection.
that’s what is meant by “God is ONE”


all is well.
trust and it is.
everything is smooth.
well-oiled machinery.
unfolding to a plan.
maybe not apparent to us.
but, ironically, chosen by us.
our SELF.
for the choices we’ve made.
however hard.
our lives are a result of these choices.
we’ve chosen well.
with a purpose.
remember that.
have faith in that.
and everything falls into place.
we’ll see things in the right perspective.
that’s what surrender is.
we surrender to our SELF.
to our choices.
made in full & true consciousness.
have faith.
all is well…

it’s all about love…

it’s all about love.
our earth is going through turmoil.
because of a lack of love.
why can’t we love more?
it’s sad.
so many can’t even love themselves.
really sad.
breaks my heart.
really try.
to spread more love.
tell people.
you love them.
it’s a sad journey without love.
every moment.
no matter what.
love is pure.
love is selfless.
love is not demanding.
love is giving.
wish we could lay a blanket of love upon everyone.
what a beautiful world it would be.
broad smiles.
open arms.
ready to feel love.
ready to give love.
to love.
love is permanent.
love is unconditional.
it’s all about love…

stay calm…

stay calm.
amid the fiercest storm.
it will pass.
and all will be the same again.
including you.
be still.
in all circumstances.
even if everything around you appears changed.
or in turmoil.
that’s inner strength.
that’s faith.
that’s belief.
in your SELF.
that a place far more beautiful than your most vivid imagination exists.
that place beckons you.
that place awaits you.
and there you shall be.
be still.
and you’ll be there.
stay calm.
all is well…

be the best you can be…

life turns around on a dime.
so live it well.
be the best you can be.
to your full potential.
leave nothing for tomorrow.
if something is important – do it.
don’t procrastinate.
that way you’ll have no regrets.
as you never should.
life is a gift.
enjoy it.
do your bit.
learn your lessons.
spread joy.
spread love.
return to your true home.
to God.
it really is so simple.
don’t get involved in things.
they’re illusory.
only your SELF is permanent.
concentrate on that.
improve that.
be the best you can be.
and give thanks.
to God.


perceptions 1

you are me.
as i am you.
all the same.
are there any differences?
except the ones we perceive because of our limited understanding?

start accepting that the differences don’t exist.
except in the mind.
remember all is good.
nothing bad can happen.
because nothing bad exists.
again – it’s only perceptions.
lift the veil of perceptions and everything is limitless.
the way it’s meant to be.
for each ONE of us.

perceptions 2

our differences lie in perceptions.
you perceive something or some situation a certain way.
I perceive it another way.
but the thing or situation is the same.
that’s how the truth is the same.
for all.
our perceptions make it appear different.
how can there be more than one truth?
the same creator.
the same source.
the same world.
the same environment.
the same everything.
where’s the room for differences?
it’s only in our perception.

perceptions 3

think about it.
how can God’s world be anything less than perfect?
start perceiving this perfection.
and you’ll realize the perfection of your SELF.
‘coz only perfection can perceive perfection.