forgive & forget…

forgive & forget.
let things be.
right and wrong are mere perceptions.
not yours to decide.
& move on.

forgive & forget.
so what is forgiven & forgotten never surfaces again.
no matter what.
it’s gone.
from time.
and memory.

forgive & forget.
& set yourself free…

2 thoughts on “forgive & forget…

  1. Powerfully simple words that can change a life – thank you for sharing, I was so sorry to read of your loss of a child – such a beautiful way you cherish and remember him here with your heartfelt poems.

    • Thank you for your kind words. But really, I can’t take credit for this. We feel it’s him writing this through us. we just open our hearts and the words come gushing out. Somewhere we feel he’s taking care of us now. It’s a new journey for us now, and we believe we’re being guided through life in such a beautiful way. We feel truly blessed. The support and love we’ve received from our family & friends & even perfect strangers has been so overwhelming – we didn’t know so much love existed in people. Our faith has been restored…

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