how you live.
how much you give.
to move on.
to give up.
whom you love.
whom you leave.
what you create.
what you destroy.
what you let in.
what you dismiss.
to spread cheer.
to instill fear.
some hard.
some easy.
but all necessary.
every moment of every hour.
the choice is only yours to make.
which road to travel.
which path to take.
choose well…

2 thoughts on “choices…

  1. “Some hard, some easy, but all necessary.” This is great! And so true. I have begun to appreciate how even the smallest choices and twist of fate allow for some major life changes. In my case this was a complete career change!

    • thanks stephanie. we’ve suddenly become so aware that we’re faced with choices almost at every moment – each capable of impacting our lives in ways big & small. i guess we need to choose wisely & accept the consequences of our choices with grace – as a learning experience. after all, isn’t that why we’re all here? to learn….

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