beating as one…

always be.
in the big picture.
don’t sweat the small stuff.
it’s not important.
see beyond your situation.
always beyond.
‘coz the beyond is closer to your heart.
think about it.
your heart.
your true guide.
let it lead you to God.
see with it.
hear it.
feel with it.
it’s your gauge.
to all that’s right & wrong.
your heart.
take care of it.
don’t drown it out.
with your mind.
let it blossom.
listen carefully.
it beats for you & me.
it beats together.
with the pulse of the universe.
in complete harmony.
beating as one.
with all elements.
listen to your heart.
it’s you talking.
it’s God talking.
it’s ONE talking.
your heart.
my heart.
beating as one.

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