we’ll be together again…

our love is too deep.
too strong.
it will conquer.
it will shine through.
we’ll be together again.
i promise.

heaven & earth will tremble.
skies & mountains will tumble.
such is the power of our bond.
such is the power of our love.
we’ll be together again.
i promise.

you & me.
in eternal union.
such is the power of our love.
we’ll be together again.
i promise.

it is done.

2 thoughts on “we’ll be together again…

  1. i truly believe that – at some time you will be with ahaan – in some form or the other. how else do you explain what i am experiencing with my daughter – who is not ours blogically, but in every other aspect is totally ours and ours alone. how did she choose to come into our lives and make it whole? we are blessed to have these connections that go beyond rational thought and belief – just as i thought of ahaan the other day out of the blue, and you thought of me – coincidence? that would be a very simplistic way of thinking.

    ahaan is out there looking out for you!

    • he’s looking over all of us, purnima. everyone who was kind to him & loved him has felt his presence. you included šŸ™‚

      what we write each day is what comes to us. we just close our eyes & it pours out – it’s not us – it’s him saying all these things. we’re just putting it down for whoever is meant to see it.

      you are absolutely right about there being no coincidences – like you said, it’s just too simplistic an explanation for it. we were meant to connect & I’m glad we did. stay in touch from time to time. God bless & lots of love always – ahaan, armaan, aarti & anil. thanks for everything you did for him…

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