it’s like cinema…

don’t get stuck in the illusion.
it’s like cinema.
actors playing different roles.
in your movie.
scripted by the director.
but that’s their script.
their roles.
you stick to yours.
the overlaps are lessons.
& move on.
that’s all.
don’t get stuck in the illusion…

divinely blessed…

you are touched by God.
enjoy it.
savour it.
spread it.
it’s all in you.
you are divinely blessed.
accept it.
with grace.
let it shine through you.
touch everyone you come in contact with.
the radiance of love.
the glow of God.
yours to spread.
to all corners.
do this.
everyone needs a bit of it.
they will flock to you.
just be yourself.
and they will come.
attracted to your aura.
to your love.
trust in God.
you are divinely blessed.

forgive & forget…

forgive & forget.
let things be.
right and wrong are mere perceptions.
not yours to decide.
& move on.

forgive & forget.
so what is forgiven & forgotten never surfaces again.
no matter what.
it’s gone.
from time.
and memory.

forgive & forget.
& set yourself free…


how you live.
how much you give.
to move on.
to give up.
whom you love.
whom you leave.
what you create.
what you destroy.
what you let in.
what you dismiss.
to spread cheer.
to instill fear.
some hard.
some easy.
but all necessary.
every moment of every hour.
the choice is only yours to make.
which road to travel.
which path to take.
choose well…

i am one…

i am one.
with the gentle chirp of the lark.
i am one.
with the mighty roar of the king.
i am one.
with the dancing ray that shimmers on the surface of the river.
i am one.
with the frost that freezes the lake.
i am one.
with the acme of the highest peak.
i am one.
with the abyss of the deepest precipice.
i am one.
with the enchanting laughter of the innocent.
i am one.
with the repentant wail of the guilty.
i am one.
with the angry howl of the wind.
i am one.
with the delicate whisper of the butterfly.
i am one.
with the rising phoenix.
i am one.
with the freefalling raindrop.
i am one.
with the power of a rising revolution.
i am one.
with the despair of those who lay crushed.
i am.
bound by joy.
bound by love.
bound by faith.
bound by knowledge.
bound by grace.
bound by divinity.
bound by you & me.
bound by God.
i am ONE…

love your enemy…

love your enemy.
your biggest lesson.
your biggest learning.
your enemy.
your best teacher.
everything that’s to overcome.
love your enemy.
like you love God.
and then let it all go.
be reborn.
a new person.
then you can be.
at peace.
with each other.
with nature.
with God.
with your SELF.
at complete peace.
with no enemy.

delve deep…

delve deep.
the treasure within.
your SELF.
your soul.
God’s own creation.

forget the illusion.
of the outside world.
reality exists within.
every answer.
to every question.
lies within.
and within is a place where no questions exist.
just a state of being.
that everything also is.
‘coz it’s supposed to be.
like you are.
‘coz you’re supposed to be.

God is.
you are.
everything is.
no differences.
don’t look for any.
because then you don’t understand.
you don’t believe.
that we can be.

forget doubts.
for what it is.
the divine truth.
drops of an ocean.
same in every way.
yet separate physically.

delve deep.
find your answers.
find NO questions.
delve deep…

be the spark…

be the spark.
that dispels darkness.
the whiff of fresh air.
that lets people breathe.
the laughter.
that washes away tears.
be that.
and more.
there’s too much grief.
too much sorrow.
lend a helping hand.
bring a smile.
to even one person.
and your work is done.

beating as one…

always be.
in the big picture.
don’t sweat the small stuff.
it’s not important.
see beyond your situation.
always beyond.
‘coz the beyond is closer to your heart.
think about it.
your heart.
your true guide.
let it lead you to God.
see with it.
hear it.
feel with it.
it’s your gauge.
to all that’s right & wrong.
your heart.
take care of it.
don’t drown it out.
with your mind.
let it blossom.
listen carefully.
it beats for you & me.
it beats together.
with the pulse of the universe.
in complete harmony.
beating as one.
with all elements.
listen to your heart.
it’s you talking.
it’s God talking.
it’s ONE talking.
your heart.
my heart.
beating as one.