let love flow in all directions.
this is you.
not what you see in the mirror.
that’s the facade.
the disguise that prevents you from seeing
the beautiful you within.
let it come forth.
give it the freedom it seeks.
your love is tremendous.
feel it.
let everyone feel it.
it’s the torch that’ll light the world.
just a spark is enough.
from your infinite ocean.
the more you give, the more you receive.
be generous.

we are eternally grateful for all the love that’s come into our lives over the past year. we suddenly see that letting go of all ill-will is actually pretty liberating. those are the chains that bind us to hatred, when actually our lives are meant to be full of love. it’s a gift that we all have – more valuable than all treasures (maybe that’s why we keep it locked up)…open these ‘vaults’, let love shine through. it’s not as hard as you may think. come on try it…

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