by armaan…happiness

this is something armaan wrote – really makes you think…

true happiness is not being spoilt or having whatever you want.
true happiness comes from a pure heart.
happiness is a feeling got from helping or sharing with others & seeing their joy & being thankful for whatever you have.
if you can do that, you’re simply a good soul.
Remember, the best things in life are not really things at all.
they are feelings of love and gratefulness and happiness.

god bless you armaan. it’s amazing how a 10-year old can make you re-evaluate your life. we’re so caught up with deadlines, calls, mails and endless demands that we forget to step back & actually see what’s important. “The best things in life are not things at all” – so true. I guess once we realize this, the running will cease. the smiles will get broader and the arms will get more loving.

the most important thing in life is family. the unconditional love that flows from one to the other. the smile that appears seeing your child, no matter how shitty your day. that’s what it’s all about.

we’ve been blessed with 2 ‘gyan-gurus’ – thank you God for everything. for bringing angels into our lives and actually making us learn from them. there is no better teacher than your kid. uncomplicated, without baggage, unbiased, seeing things for what they are. i think it’s in our greater interest to be more open to them rather than subject ourselves to our time-beaten, experience-ravaged minds.

oh, the innocence of childhood…such simplicity – true happiness. true happiness.

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