meant to be…

Joy – pure & unadulterated is what we need to find.
It’s the key to liberation.
Seeing joy in everything.
Perceiving everything as a stepping stone to ascension.
To spiritual growth.
It’s meant to happen.
There’s no other way.
Every experience is meant to be – it has to be!!
It’s written.
It’s planned.
This is the divine plan.
Stay with it.
It’s the map to God.
Let it guide you.
Let it help you.
Trust it.
There’s no other way.
We are all linked.
Each one of us.
Overlapping destinies.
We have to move along together.
All together.
As one.
Help each other.
Accept every situation.
It’s in our best interest.
Part of a greater scheme of things.
All coming together now.

God bless…

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