Flow like the river,
over good terrain & bad.
it’s the same.
you are the water, not the land,
understand that.
the land can change the way you flow,
but it cannot change your nature of flowing.
understand this truth.
you will always remain the water,
and no matter where the water comes from,
it will always merge with the ocean
with GOD…

3 thoughts on “flow…

  1. hey Anil ….this is so beautiful…reflect the beauty of your soul!

    Imagine a world wherein we can only see the beauty of the souls around us …what a world it would be …the unmatched beauty …an awesome poetry of creation ….

    • hey dipti – i really did not have anything to with these. you know where they came from. they are beautiful & if we have a world filled with beautiful souls around us, it would be magical. maybe it will happen – i see a lot of people becoming more inclined to spirituality & more dissatisfied with the illusion around them. think we’re all on the right path 🙂

      until then ot’s just our job to give out what we get – for the benefit of all. samir has been truly inspirational to us – we had the most incredible couple of hours the other evening. we just walked & sat on worli seaface and spoke. it was like he had come with the keys to all the locks aarti & i had – truly special 🙂 God bless you guys & as usual – lots of love always….

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