Learn from mistakes always – that’s why you make them.
To grow, to rise, to learn.
Everything is charted – your whole life.
Never stray from the path or course.
Live it – no matter what.
Take the ups & downs.
Be still.
Let everything happen.
It will come to pass.
All happiness & sorrow is transient. Temporary.
And it’s all within.
Master your within, and you are one with God.

4 thoughts on “learn…

  1. Incredibly beautiful and wise. 🙂

    Recently, I have found myself on a downwards slump at 25 years old comparing where I am right now in life to a vision of where I thought I should be. I think often I forget precisely what you are talking about; the fact that there are ups and downs, and the fact that each day is part of a much picture.

    Thanks for that reminder – I needed it.


    • Thank you David. I’m 44 & we’ve been through some pretty tough ups & downs – the worst being 11 months ago, when we lost our 12 year old boy. But there’s always been a lot of positives to be drawn from every situation my wife & I have faced over the years. Over the past year we’ve had the most beautiful people come into our lives – they have turned our perspective & our priorities around. I think the trick is to always look at the downs as temporary & figure out what you need to learn from that phase in your life. Sometimes it’s simple things, sometimes a little more complex – but once it becomes apparent, you’ve got it beat. Enjoy the highs of course & wait out the lows – constantly learning. I know it sounds cliched, but when you live it, it seems like the best way. Good luck with all your ventures & God bless. Take care 🙂

    • Thank you Afsal. Appreciate it… And, I really feel that life will keep giving you opportunities to grow & learn – that’s the whole idea isn’t it? Thanks again & God bless…

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