so it is written…

In the wee hours of the morning,
Our illusion shattered around us.
With a stifled cry and a heavy heart,
We bid ye farewell.

How we were to live, we knew not
But you had taught us well
Smile through your troubles and grief
And you shall overcome them

These words we took unto our hearts
And slowly our smiles returned
Along with the understanding
That everything around us is NOT real.

Where we thought there would be profound grief,
There was none,
‘coz our hearts knew,
as it was written, so was it done.

2 thoughts on “so it is written…

  1. my brother,let the words flow from the source,let these words embrace your mind and expose to us as your writings.What more can be said of air,no matter in it’s wrath she may blow away anything,she may disperse those clouds from figures to fluff, but never she ceases her act ,the act to be there and give us our breath.These writings would definately emrace one with love and at one point and at second instance would want to dig deep and dismantle unwanted baggages.Good work,brother.

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