all is well then…

everything is happening for a reason.
unfolding beautifully.
layers are being peeled off.
till we are all stripped bare.
to the soul.
to the self.
let it happen.
remember – least resistance.
mind what you say.
don’t hurt.
the world needs your smile.
all is well then.

peace pervades…

oh the peace that pervades,
when you say “i let go”,
when you say “i surrender”,
when you say “i’m blessed”,
when you say “all is how it should be”
when you say “i choose to be happy”
oh the peace that pervades – magnificent!!

garden of eden…

Welcome to our Garden of Eden,
where the pitter-patter of tiny steps will form the wings on which our spirit soars,
where innocent words will linger delicately in the cool evening breeze,
where warm smiles will stoke the fire on cold wintry nights,
where vows of undying love will form the foundation of eternal celebration,
welcome my son, welcome to our Garden of Eden.

this was written for ahaan when he was born. he graced us and is gracing us still, in ways that are inexplicable. we thought we were his parents and tried to do everything for him but it’s turned out that he’s the one looking after all of us. we are just so glad that we left no stone unturned to make him comfortable while he was here.

to all parents out there – give your all to your kids. nothing else matters. you won’t even realize when they’ve grow up & left their nests. the time is always now. listen to them – don’t just hear them. they are full of wisdom and clarity. trust us. we’re living what we are saying. there is no greater treasure than your kids & all they really want is your time – nothing else…think about it!

we are eternally grateful to ahaan & armaan for choosing us to be their parents.

path of love…

the path to God is through love.
don’t expect.
we will get what we have to without asking.
focus on that.
let everything else be.
it’s not real.
they are tests.
stop getting involved with them.
step back.
our job is to love.
being loved is not up to us.
that we already are.
by those that matter.
isn’t that most important?
that God loves us.
what more do we need?
break the illusion.
be illumined.
see light.
see love.
all around.
in our SELF.
that’s us.
as one.

the same…

our paths cross each day.
in more beautiful ways than you can imagine.
open your eyes.
stop dreaming.
see reality for what it is.
all encompassing.
all & naught.
at the same instant.
can you even imagine?
open up.
let it in.
through your every pore.
with your every breath.
let it in.
more each day.
till no one can tell
who is who.
then we’re one.
then we’re one.
the same.


let love flow in all directions.
this is you.
not what you see in the mirror.
that’s the facade.
the disguise that prevents you from seeing
the beautiful you within.
let it come forth.
give it the freedom it seeks.
your love is tremendous.
feel it.
let everyone feel it.
it’s the torch that’ll light the world.
just a spark is enough.
from your infinite ocean.
the more you give, the more you receive.
be generous.

we are eternally grateful for all the love that’s come into our lives over the past year. we suddenly see that letting go of all ill-will is actually pretty liberating. those are the chains that bind us to hatred, when actually our lives are meant to be full of love. it’s a gift that we all have – more valuable than all treasures (maybe that’s why we keep it locked up)…open these ‘vaults’, let love shine through. it’s not as hard as you may think. come on try it…

the traveler…

all is clear.
the path ahead.
the road less traveled.
you are the traveler.
collect your things and set out.
the unknown beckons.
are you ready? ask yourself.
obstacles will be strewn along the way.
circumvent them.
temptations will come.
avoid them.
joy will abound.
embrace it.
you are the worthy traveler.
one among the few who gets to travel.
make the most of the journey.
your destination…

by ahaan…the beautiful me

the beautiful me

i am so unique
i believe in myself and everyone else
i am kind and loving to others
and help all my friends like my brothers
truthfulness is my strength
faith in God is my foundation

i don’t know what else to say…ahaan has captured everything in these lines. where does he get it from? such depth of thinking, such beauty in expression.

why can’t we all see ourselves for what we are? ‘unique’.

we’re caught in the endless race to be someone we’re really not. our lives, to a large extent, are dictated by what others will think of us. why?

if we can spend a little time each day connecting with our self, we’ll find a hundred wonderful things about ourselves – things that we’re not even aware of perhaps. we’ve all been given gifts – i know it sounds cliched but the fact remains that we’re all God’s children – do you give one of your children more or less than the other? can you truly tell one of children you love him or her more or less than the other. you can’t!! it’s the same for God.

Ahaan has captured it so beautifully:
i believe in myself & others – no distinctions.
faith in God is my foundation – realize this & you’re eternally happy – in the arms of your loving parent…